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The Truth about Electric Cigarette Batteries

April 4, 2012

In the past few months, a couple of singular instances have really thrust electronic cigarettes into the (unnecessary) limelight. Reports of batteries catching fire and injuring people have been popping up periodically in the news, giving very good products very bad names. As with so many sensationalized news stories floating around today, its up to the observer to research stories and discover the truth. Hopefully the research we’ve done will shed a little light on the subject of e cigarette batteries, and help you to make an educated decision on which type is right for you.

Choosing the right battery is a matter of lifestyle. How do you plan on using your electronic cigarette? What different types of batteries are out there for my e cigarette? What are the benefits of each kind? Which kind is right for me? We’ll take a look at the different types of battery available, and how using which will affect your e cigarette experience.

There are two main types of e cigarette batteries on the market today:

Manual batteries are activated when the user compresses a button attached to the battery. The battery heats up the coil, delivering vapor to the inhaling user. When you are getting ready to take a puff, simply press the button, wait a second or two for the coil to heat, and enjoy your “smoke”. When you’re finished, manual battery e cigarettes can be safely stored anywhere (purse, pocket, etc) without having to worry about the battery activating. Most manual batteries include safety shutoffs in case the button gets pressed accidentally, shutting the device off automatically after 10 seconds. Manual batteries also have a sealed covering, protecting the element fro any dripping e liquid that can get in there when re-filling cartridges, or leaky ones.

Automatic batteries are triggered by breaths the user takes. They are popular for the authentic “real cigarette” feel and natural look of inhaling without having to press a button. Air moving through the open inner coil activates the battery with this type,  when the user sucks air through the battery compartment.  There are two types of automatic batteries, mechanical, and electromagnetic. Mechanical batteries use a plastic diaphragm that moves as air is drawn through the battery’s open core. Electromagnetic batteries are activated by a tiny motion sensitive switch that senses the air vibrating through the chamber when the user draws in. Often times these electromagnetic batteries are hyper-sensitive to sound as well as air vibrations (like deep bass sounds), which is easiest to activate, but can often be activated accidentally if stored in one’s pocket or purse. These types are also often equipped with a safety switch that shuts the battery off after a certain amount of time with no use.

The safety features are the main draw for the manual style, while the natural look and feel of the automatic style is its most attractive feature. Active people who prefer to keep their electronic cigarettes in their pockets and catch a few quick hits here and there (or shaky hands while refilling!) might prefer the manual style, while people who have just decided to start using e cigarettes and prefer the quicker, deeper puffs wold prefer the automatic.

As for e cigarette batteries setting on fire or exploding, so many batteries are so well equipped with safety features that the largely modified or homemade units that catch fire shouldn’t even be a concern. Just like car batteries, laptop batteries, cell phone batteries, and anything else with a battery power supply, e cigarettes can be modified, and that can be dangerous.

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